Capelle aan den IJssel


Philibert de Viron (BE 1975)

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Text by Helena Casanova: This proposal consists of a big linear block that crosses the whole study area creating three main big public spaces, some of them paved, some green. The block presents a sloped skyline, running from 4 to 11 levels.

The ground floor is perforated with big gaps to connect the surroundings with the plot and the different open spaces. On ground floor all the parking areas and some facilities (restaurants, a small offices spaces and a shop) are placed. No house is directly accessible from ground floor. The houses are mostly one floor high with surfaces going from 46m2 till 6 units 130 m2. There are 17 units in total around 190 m2. The block is perforated on different levels to provide terraces-meeting points for the inhabitants.

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