Capelle aan den IJssel

FM 006 - CITY

Roberto Fantoni (IT 1980), Alessandro Martinelli (IT 1981)

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Text by Helena Casanova: This proposal presents a urban scheme based on ovoid in shape clusters which ground floor is filled-in with parking and commercial areas. Each cluster is designed on the footprints of the existing blocks in a way that the new envelope groups one or more of them to facilitate the development in phases. Public space in the study area is minimized to avoid big maintenance costs. On the first floor a plateau of patio houses is spread throughout the whole surface of the cluster. On top of that level, a catalogue of different architectural typologies is placed in the from of micro towers, linear and circular closed blocks. There is a conscious water management system and some plants proposed within the cluster and in the open spaces in order to make the blocks 'green'. All typologies present private open spaces.

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