Capelle aan den IJssel


Garcie de Navailles (FR 1980), Franck Courari (FR 1977), Aurélie Estorge (FR 1981), Julie Michaud (FR 1982), Pierre Chaumaz (FR 1983), Guillaume Barbaroux (FR 1982)

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Text by Helena Casanova: This proposal is based on keeping the existing housing blocks and adding some new towers on the current open corners. The idea is that different architects design the towers. The entrances to the existing buildings are placed on the outer sides, thus suppressing the existing inner roads. The whole surface of the ground floor is kept empty for the entrances to the blocks, parking lots and bicycle storages. The existing big green spaces are filled-in with some sports facilities and with big parking areas covered by platforms on top of which private gardens appear. The roof of the existing blocks are used for outdoor equipments.

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