Capelle aan den IJssel

AD 000 - Archipelle aan den IJssel

Jitske Torenstra (NL 1983), Elza Heemskerk (NL 1983)

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Text by Helena Casanova: On urban scale this proposal seeks to connect the new intervention with the surrounding areas by continuing the existing routes through the location and by introducing new squares in front of existing public buildings. The housing blocks follow an irregular pattern, sometimes in the form of closed blocks, sometimes using linear ones,  4 to 6 levels high.  Parking is mostly situated underneath half-raised green areas.

The housing typologies are basically designed for yellow and green lifestyles. For the yellow lifestyle, houses appear on the lower part of the blocks with different connections to public and collective areas. The green lifestyle typologies are lofts, apartments and maisonettes on the upper areas of the blocks.

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