Milena Zaklanovic (NL 1973), Petar Zaklanovic (NL 1972), Sara Wolff (DE 1979), Matteo Bettoni (IT 1978), Cui Yong (CN 1983)


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Urban design zones are added, with a station plaza, two boulevards  lined with trees, and extra focus on the entrances to the area. The perimeter is seen as a green buffer for recreation. The proposal is that land is offered free for development in exchange for a financial contribution to development of the green space. Discussion concerning the attractiveness of the area suggests focusing on marketing the area as a peaceful place to live, in combination with work in hybrid blocks, with generously proportioned units.

Jury assessment

The runner-up also demonstrates how, with a package of relatively modest and well-organised interventions, developments can be started in Amstel III. An intelligent analysis of the – often hidden – qualities in the area leads to a number of well- substantiated interventions. Together they form a complete package that can help the client at all levels (strategic, urban environment and construction levels). One of the interesting ideas is the proposal to use as many of the upper floors as possible of the half vacant office blocks so that the plinths become available at street level to activate new programmes. The enhancement of the green structure also appealed to the jury. The designers of Basic City not only demonstrate their professional competence with their entry, they also show that they could act as valuable advisers for the client in Amstel III.

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