WS 122 - vacant first

Christoph Wassmann (AT 1973), Wim Sjerps (NL 1977)


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The master plan is to increase the density of the area with the addition of more pavilion buildings. The site is conceived as islands of occupation, based on a block plan: residential, woodland, science city, playing fields, agriculture, etc. This is defined as rings of natural usages around groups of buildings. Some of these uses are temporary (innovative leases likened to computer licences allow creative people to try before signing a lease): add on elements (shown red on the drawings) provide street entrances for each existing building. The strategy is intended to produce bottom-up development at the same time as long-term, more concrete plans, are developed.

Jury assessment

The addition of pavilions to connect the existing buildings to the streets is an interesting option. Because of their limited scale, most of the interventions are feasible with the exception of the large-scale development that is added. In addition, the jury is not convinced that the lack of occupancy in the office blocks can be tackled by adding more construction volumes as a first measure.

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