Tjeerd Haccou (NL 1978), Sascha Glasl (DE 1977), Marthijn Pool (NL 1980)


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The project’s first step is to address the financial and value aspects of the development. An overall trust is proposed, which would require all lessees to devalue their property in the short term, and then bear the costs and profits of the whole site development. The built proposal reorganises the existing buildings, relocating tenants and functions. It aims to make city blocks by constructing perimeter housing blocks with a deck on the first floor that engages the existing buildings. The plinths contain covered parking. Ground floors are reserved for animated uses, and the internal courtyards are for office use. The vacant plot is used as a tree nursery, awaiting  “better times”.

Jury assessment

In a well-written text the participants make it clear that an approach that focuses on the financial position of the property owners is well worth consideration. More restraint in the elaboration would have been appropriate.

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