SA 020 - Seeds for Amstel

Jos Halfweeg (NL 1972), Carloes Pollemans (NL 1977), Maarten Feberwee (NL 1984), Saman Mohammadi (NL 1985), Niels Slob (NL 1986)

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Text by Matthew Turner: Five tools for the regeneration of the site are proposed. Firstly, 'booster' greenhouses are placed between existing buildings in three locations along the central spine, to herald it as the main urban route. They are meeting spaces or public space, and embody environmental measures. Secondly, green zones are established, growing from the booster greenhouse into bands into the site. The third tool is to reorganise parking into a large number of small parking areas distributed across the site, accessed from the main roads, with shared overcapacity. The forth tool is to add residential and live work uses to the buildings that can be adapted. The fifth tool is a continued adaptability in building use.

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