RS 141 - a.s.h.e. 2012

Maarten van Tuijl (NL 1972), Tom Bergevoet (NL 1972)


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The location is considered perfect for an international housing expo (close to transport network, Ikea etc). Example pavilion housing by the architects is set along a winding pedestrian route to the south of the site. Pride of place is a six-floor modular building called “flex capsule” which contains a variety of exemplary spaces,  sharing an architectural language with the street furniture introduced. Pods are subsequently inserted into the vacant office building floors as hotel or apartment suites. It is hoped that the curving pedestrian route of the expo later redefines the access routes on a larger scale. 

Jury assessment

An original idea: improving the image of the area by means of branding it in the form of an international housing expo. Existing functions, such as the nearby IKEA, can also make a contribution. The latter has the attendant risk of the design becoming too one-sided. The jury is also not convinced that the initiative will subsequently lead to a transformation of the entire area.

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