IA 311 - I AMSTEL 3

Sara Reichwein (DE 1982)


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A range of enticing facilities (sports, shops, cafes, exhibition spaces, etc.) are placed in and on existing buildings, grouped round a new urban centre, as a first stage. The aim is to attract identified groups of pioneers: workers, innovatory thinkers and students. A linear park is created, and roads are refurbished at a later phase. Over time, the central square and other areas become enriched; new apartments and accommodation are generally formed from the remodelling of existing buildings.

Jury assessment

The designers began by giving careful consideration to the relevant target groups. On the basis of that analysis they developed a clear and convincing strategy for a gradual transformation of what is now still a mono-functional office area. Their proposal I AMSTEL 3 is complete on several levels (buildings, public space) and complies with the client’s wishes. The entrants have resisted the temptation of immediately designing structured solutions. They demonstrate that they have understood that a plan that is “finished” in all respects is not under discussion for the time being. The proposal is to begin with modest interventions in three places, and only take the building in hand at a later stage. Partly due to the clear presentation of the plan it is reasonable to expect that they can also communicate well – an important aspect of the task that the client envisages for the winners.

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