Teemu Seppänen (FI 1980), Aleksi Niemeläinen (FI 1979), Martti Kalliala (FI 1980), Auvo Lindroos (FI 1981)


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An investment strategy is proposed, called “flexpace”, aimed at providing incentives for all new alterations on the site to be “use-blind”. This is based on the concept  that buildings can be flexible: suitable for residential or commercial use. These use categories are relaxed: buildings can be commercial or residential. A building code would define the main parameters (open floor plan, balconies, large windows, flexible services) and building owners would have various site usage options (including refit, infill or demolition and rebuild) as long as the code is met. In the long term, parking is relocated to the street peripheries.

Jury assessment

With their entry the participants demonstrate that they understand the crux of Amstel III: more diversity in the area and an approach that focuses on creating the conditions to then enable the market to do its work. The strategy to use intelligent regulations to activate the owners of the properties to begin with the buildings instead of the open space, is worth consideration. It resulted in a special mention for the makers of A Free Town, even though the architectural elaboration was found to be rather weak.

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