TM 007 - FRAME

Timur Shabaev (RU 1979)


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Three village types are proposed on the site, with three different housing typologies. The aim is that each village has a different relationship with the water and the forest. The village in the woods is situated around a clearing, the stilt village has housing elevated over a pond, and the colonnade village in the woods has housing “quaintly” hidden amongst the trees. A square, donut-shaped building in a vertical position functions as a cultural/visitors’ centre and landmark in the early stages: the same form reconstructed horizontally is an elevated courtyard house.

Jury assessment

Of all the entries for Almere, Frame presents the most successful combination of a strong concept and a convincing design. As regards the pavilion it meets the wishes of the clients: an iconic image that effectively marks the spot in a manner fitting for Almere. It can at a later date be dismantled and “tilted”, and subsequently serve as a home. For both functions the makers have succeeded in giving expression to their professional skills as designers in a clear and uncomplicated way. The jury was less enthusiastic about the urban development plan for the study area. Little remains of the woodland. Nevertheless this shortcoming did not stand in the way of selecting the winner. The primary concern for this assignment was, after all, a design for a pavilion which could later be converted into a home.

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