SL 588 - the treehouse

Fernanda Acre Pacheco (PT 1980), Fabio Hernandez Palacio (CO 1974)


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Housing units elevated three metres in height are connected by an elevated pedestrian walkway, forming an above-ground web. The walkway layout is organised into a series of cul de sacs. The construction method envisaged is formed by a kit of parts, constructed on a steel frame and concrete slab: a series of typologies is described comprising  rectangular housing units, kinked in the middle, with a precision-based, rather than loose-fit, construction.

Jury assessment

An appealing design that is suitable for both housing and a pavilion. The architecture has an attractive kind of coarseness. The modular building method with prefabricated elements facilitates different types of housing. The way in which the houses are connected is problematic, also because it encroaches too much on the woods.

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