NH 085 - Natural History

David Dominguez Fuster (ES 1981), Christian Sintes Midmore (ES 1980)


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The site is organised as a series of elevated walkways, heading in the direction of the water flowing to the sea, channelling the needs of human inhabitation along the walkways, which is compared to an ecological system. These walkways relate to the rows of trees between them, and encourage banded growth. Steel-structured horizontal units, elevated and accessed by a ramp are positioned above these walkways. These same structures operate as single and multiple family homes, and as public or office space.

Jury assessment

Due to its limited width of two and a half metres the elegant design of Natural History is not suitable for housing purposes. As a pavilion, on the other hand, it is sufficiently interesting to qualify for a special mention. With the narrow size and abundance of glass visitors have optimum contact with the surroundings. The growth model for the residential area in the woodland is intriguing, even though the jury was less enthusiastic about the walkways made of wooden boards.

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