JA 001 - green shelter

Luhayu Fauzia Triratnamurti (ID 1979), Joost van Dijk (NL 1978)

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Text by Matthew Turner: The proposal is for a 'living in green' strategy to occupying the land. Surface run off water and rainwater is filtered through to a retention lake in the form of a ring shaped creek. The forest us encouraged to form a buffer to two sides of the site, and two housing zones, 'open' and 'forest' are proposed. The houses are (universally) green roofed and amorphous in form, claiming to be different in each type of relationship to the forest and road layout. Car parking is in a central underground parking, placed under water tanks. Leaf shaped, and set around a courtyard, these buildings are intended to be adaptable to a range of different occupations.

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