GA 004 - ENVISIONING BAUCIS, observatory for an artificial wilderness

Olaf Janson (NL 1980), Joost Maatkamp (NL 1980), Rens Wijnakker (NL 1984), Koen Looman (NL 1981)


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Taking its cue from exploring the relationship of the city to nature, the proposal envisages the constructed elements as growing from a planted grid, around which an informal, man-made “wilderness” is constructed. The pavilion - in essence a show home - fits into the grid, as does the housing. It is elevated, and has envelop “porches” from which the surroundings can be enjoyed.

Jury assessment

Envisioning Baucis is a well-balanced, well-considered and practicable design. Owing to the distinct form it provides the icon that the clients requested. The fact that this form was achieved by “adapting” the archetypal house is rather obvious, but in this case also effective. As a pavilion this building can fulfil several functions, as a house it also has the advantage that the private external space is in the form of an internal terrace that does not encroach on the woodland. The grid of the urban development plan shows respect for the landscape. The jury noted that this entry fails to take a critical stand: it calls little into question. All in all Envisioning Baucis deserves a second prize.

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